Dear Ana

Dear Ana,

We have been together for a very long time…the days waxed into years and still you are here with me.  My only true companion?  No.  Not anymore…

I met The River.  It caresses my soul with it’s song…the song against a shore…begging for me to join it forever more.

You abandoned me, Ana.  I cannot hear your voice anymore — is it just too loud to hear you — OR.DID.YOU.LEAVE?

It is very loud, here.  Sleep is elusive and the chaos is my only friend.  That is why The River beckoned — it sensed my loneliness…and my longing.

I will join it soon — but for now, I will visit.  Please don’t hate me, Ana, for giving up on you — but, after all you gave up on me first.  I was not strong enough to remain your friend.

The River has promised to carry me.  It promises rest.  It has been hard to trust it — but it’s words are sweet and sultry — they lull me closer…closer…

Just a little while longer —


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