Taste and See …The Lord is Good

My son, Joshua, came to me this morning and asked, “Momma, do you sometimes wonder if God really exists?”  

I knew that question was coming from somewhere deep within his soul, as Joshua has accepted Jesus as Savior…there was no doubt about it!  I understood it was coming from a longing to know Him more, know Him deeper…a need for sweeter communion with His God.  I told him that all of us, from time-to-time, have those questions…those longings…a desire for a deeper understanding…more importantly … GOD.KNOWS.

I said,

“Joshua, if you remove your shoes and walk through the grass, can you not feel each blade as it sneaks up between your toes?  How about when you walk on the beach and the hot sand warms you all the way up to your nose?  Do you remember how the ocean tastes when it breaks against your face?  If you remember these things, sweet boy, you have experienced what David talks about in Psalm 34:8, ‘Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who trusts in Him!’  God has demonstrated Himself in all of creation…in each blade of grass, every granule of sand and in the saltiness of the sea.  He has evidenced His great love for you in all of these things, from the great to the minuscule because He knew your heart would wonder from time-to-time.  So, each time you see a bird gliding gracefully across the sky, the breeze on your face or a funny little sand crab making his way across the morning shore…remember your Creator and His amazing reminders to you that HE DOES EXIST and He loves you with so great a love.”


I love Joshua and I especially love his tender-heartedness for God … I do not doubt that God will do great things in Josh.  I am so grateful that when I die and Joshua cannot come to me and ask, “Momma, do you think God really exists?” he can look to the sea or the wind or the grass and see his Creator.  More importantly, he can go to God’s Word and listen to the Father say, “Oh, yes, Joshua…I AM!”


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